PM92 Tray-Level Laser Marking Handler

Tray-Level Laser Marking Handler

A high speed tray to tray configuration laser marking handler designed for both semiconductors & MEMS components. It offers a wide array of compatible lasers to choose from such as YV04, Fiber, Green and UV Laser depending on the package and configuration. High accuracy marking is achieved through integrating vision technology to the laser head for pre-alignment before marking. Pre and post mark inspection are also performed to validate the end results, ensuring it is up to stringent requirements.

  • High Speed and Precision Marking
  • Accommodate wide varieties of packages
  • Advance Vision Technology for Laser Alignment and Final Results Validation
  • Particles cleaning before and after Laser Marking
  • Compatible with YV04, Fiber, Green or UV Laser
  • Applications: barcode/2D Matrix, Symbol, Character
Product Specification
Input/ Output Option JEDEC Tray
Selection of Packages QFN, SOT, PDIP, SOD, SOJ, VSOP, TSOT
UPH Up to 6,000 (depending on package & configuration)
Vision Capabilities Laser Alignment, Pre-Mark Inspection, Post-Mark Inspection
Compatible Lasers YV04 Laser, Fiber Laser, Green Laser, UV Laser
Applications Barcode/2D Matrix, Symbol, Character
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