Medical Device Automated Assembly Solutions

Medical Device Development Support

It requires a certain level of skills & know-hows to fully assemble any kind of medical devices or products which is only achievable through years of experiences by serving a diverse range of clients, each with different types of products and requirements.

In Pentamaster, we have been designing & building both stand-alone and a full entire line of automated assembly solutions for many years, customizing them to suite the different requirements of our clients depending on their products and processes.

We will accompany you from the very start for all of the complex tasks required for your innovative product.

Our Engineering & Innovation Services offer you the support you need to develop the devices and concepts for critical assembly processes.

Our Engineering Design Services

During device development, a future production volume ramp-up must always be taken into consideration, as different capacity needs might require different production methods.

The device components must be prepared for this ramp-up with regards to, among other things, joining and fixation geometries and component feeding abilities. Methods and equipment chosen for development must also be functional in assembly systems.

Our Engineering Team are able to support you with design services:

  • Product design review analysis
  • Design risk analysis and mitigation
  • Review of key processes and critical technologies
  • Assembly sequence and layouts

Our Process & Technologies

We also have extensive experience in the development and building of highly specialized production lines in certain medical device segments, all with a consistently high output based upon robust and innovative solutions without compromising Quality Assurance.

Extensive expertise in complex assembly processes

Medical technology products require assembly processes that are performed with utmost care in order to ensure the safety and proper functionality of the products.

Whether it is pre-assembly or final assembly, simple or complex devices, our specialists support you in all aspects relating to your product.


An automated, reproducible production process with servo-based product transport simplifies the manual product loading and removal process and the targeted approach of each individual processing step.

Assembly of complex devices

Medical technology products require assembly processes performed with special care in order to ensure the safety and proper functioning of the products.

Whether it‘s for small quantities or series production: Our flexible modular systems are used for highly precise automation of complex devices.

Parts handling

Components are automatically taken out using vacs, grippers or tongs and accurately transferred. This can be performed in a linear or swivel movement. To increase the output, these systems can be set up at multiple locations so as to perform loading and unloading tasks at the same time.Sample Text

Joining and final assembly

Joining technology is one of the basic processes for completing assembly groups. Highly precise processes and gentle handling are perquisites to ensuring that components are reliably joined. Inspection and measuring systems guarantee the highest possible quality, even at high speeds.

Our Applications

Pen Needles Assembly System

Intravenous Catheter Assembly System

Surgical Blades Assembly System

Surgical Suture Assembly System

Safety Lancet Assembly System

Laryngeal Mask Assembly System

Custom Assembly System

Cannula Assembly Machine
Extension Machine
Final Assembly Machine