Robotics Technology

Robotic Technologies

The integration of Robotic Technologies into various industries is growing rapidly all over the world and has helped consumers to automate many sophisticated tasks, increase productivity and enhance product quality while reducing human errors thus saving costs.

Pentamaster is one of the Leading Providers in providing World Class Robotic Solutions to various industries such as the Manufacturing Industry, Food & Beverage Industry and Consumer Electrical Products Industry to name a few, each with different requirements for different applications. We offer a wide range of robots which can be integrated into any manufacturing lines depending on your requirements and can be paired along with sensors & vision imaging technology.

Our Skills & Know-Hows:

  1. Part assembly (Screw Driving, Liquid Dispensing)
  2. Material handling (Pick & Place)
  3. Force alignment insert
  4. Conveyor tracking
  5. Linear tracing
  6. Automated board inspection
  7. 360° vision inspection
  8. Auto-screwing w/feed
  9. Liquid dispensing
  10. Surface polishing
  11. Palletizing
  12. Packaging

Targeted Industries:

  1. Consumer Products
  2. Electronics
  3. Medical
  4. Automotive
  5. Solar
  6. Packaging Solution
  7. Food & Beverage
  8. Warehousing

Integrate-able Robots:

  1. SCARA Robot
  2. 6-Axis Robot
  3. Collaborative Robot
  4. Cartesian Robot
  5. Delta Robot