PM52-SLT DBC/AMB Substrate Level Test Handler

PM52-SLT DBC/AMB Substrate Level Test Handler

PM52-SLT offers a complete test solution that is designed for DBC/AMB substrates.

It performs high voltage, current and power tests while placing the substrates under extreme temperatures to test their reliability and performance ensuring they’re up to stringent requirements.

  • UPH: Up to 600 (Cycle Time: 6 secs)
  • Unit Traceability through 2DBC
  • Elevated Temperature test from 25°C to 175°C
  • Integrate-able with any 3rd party test systems
  • Custom designed for multiple AC/DC stations
  • Highly customizable to your needs & requirements
Product Specification
Input/ Output OptionSlot Magazine
UPHUp to 600 (Cycle Time: 6 seconds)
Test CapabilitiesHigh Voltage/Power Test
  • Max Voltage: 2000V, Max Current: 150A, >50Amps Pulse (100ms)

Ambient/Hot Temperature Test
  • Ranging from 25°C to 175°C
Temperature Control & FeaturesTemperature Range
  • 25°C to 175°C

Temperature Rise Time
  • Approximately 15 minutes (Based on room temp to 175°C)

Temperature Accuracy
  • +/-2°C at test sites
  • +/-3°C at soak chamber

Soak Time
  • >90s based on end user requirement