Trooper-T Optical VCSEL Wafer Tester

Trooper-T Optical VCSEL Wafer Tester

Optical VCSEL Wafer Tester is our next generation cutting edge full turnkey solution designed to test the electrical & optical characteristics of packages such as VCSEL, LED and LIDAR in wafer-level. It uses an integrating sphere to measure & test the optical power efficiency & wavelength of the laser emitted from the optical device sequentially with very short test time. It is also capable of performing Near & Far Field tests by using NIR sensitive camera with Conoscopic Lens to determine the emitting diameter, mode emission characteristics as well as the maximum emission angle of the optical device.

  • Wide Varieties of Test Capabilities
  • Analysis Tools and Statistical Report
  • Soft Needle Contact to Eliminate Damage to DUT
  • Fast & Accurate Electrical/ Optical Measurement
  • Wafer Mapping Capability
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Designed for Light Detection and Range (LIDAR) Applications
Product Specification
Input/ Output Option Wafer
Sprint UPH >3,600 (depending on package & machine configuration)
Vision Capability Wafer Alignment
Test Capabilities

Light Current-Voltage (LIV) Sweep Test
(Open Short Test, Current Leakage, Forward Voltage, Operating Current, Operating Voltage, Optical Operating Power, Power Conversion Efficiency (PCE), Threshold Current, Differential Resistance, Power Slope Efficiency, Linearity (Kink), Diode Voltage Test, Wavelength Test)

Near Field Test
- (Beam X, Y Position, Beam Diameter, Beam Uniformity/Power Distribution, Radiant Flux, Polarization Angle, Beam Waist, M2)
- Peak Wavelength (Multi-Emitter Peak Wavelength Measurement) [Optional]

Far Field Test
(Geometrical & Pattern Mass Center Offset, Pattern Angle, Contrast Score, Energy/Power, Uniformity, Field of Illumination (FOI), Hot Spot, Dot Count, Eye Safety Threshold, Center Intensity, Slope)
[Upgradeable from using Transmissive Film to Conoscopic Lens]

Test Sites Up to 3 test sites
Wavelength Range 800nm~1050nm
Intelligent Features Wafer Map File Integration, Automated Retest, Automated Yield Monitoring, Automated GR&R <10%, Partial Wafer Testing