Equipment Front End Module Wafer Robot Handler (EFEM)

Equipment Front End Module Wafer Robot Handler

It is designed to automate the handling/ transferring process of optical cells in wafer from its cassette to a tester in a cleanroom environment. This handler is built compact with a teaching-friendly wafer transfer robot and is capable of performing wafer tilt check, cassette mapping, wafer alignment and auto focus 2D barcodes/ QR codes reading.
The vacuum type end-effector of the wafer robot is Alumina made with just 2.4mm thickness and its 0.6mm protruding vacuum tip is capable to handle any wafer edges without physical contact on wafer substrates.
The handler is able to be integrated with any testers.

  • Capable of being integrated with multiple wafer size handling
  • Able to be integrated with any testers
  • User-Friendly Wafer Transfer Robot teaching
  • Auto-Focus 2D Barcode/ QR Code scanning
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Interface
  • Able to work in any ambient lighting condition
Product Specification
Input/ Output Option Wafer/Mask
Package Type Optical Cells
Machine Repeatability ±0.02mm
Intelligent Features Wafer Transfer Jig
Built-in Deviser with Hepa Filter
Wafer Edge Vacuum Edge Handling
Auto Focus 2D/ QR Code Reading