Motorized Turn Table

Motorized Turn Table

This Component of the Intelligence Conveyor System is also known as the Rotator, enabling the unit to be reorientated to 9 degrees or 180 degrees before proceeding to the next location.

Available in 90 and 180 degree turns, clockwise or anti-clockwise, enabling product orientation changed to proceed to onwards conveyance. The standard range convers curves with the following dimensions:


  • 90 Degree Curve
  • 180 Degree Curve


  • Low power consumption (24V DC), providing maximum controls capabilities and dependability.
  • High efficiency & reliability products.
  • Can operate in multi direction.

Product Specification
Standard Style Unit (mm)
Conveyors Model ST00
Drive Unit (Conveying) 24 V DC motorized roller
Drive Unit(Rotary) Motorized
Diameter Of Roller(D) Ø 50 Other customized solutions are available
Length of Conveyor(L) 812
Overall Frame Width (OAW) 864
Max. width of product recommended 750
Roller Material Mild Steel and Stainless Steel
Mounting Method of Roller Spring loaded
Transfer Speed 700 UPH Other customized solutions are available
Turning Degree (°) 90, 180
Load Capacity (Max.) 50kg