PM52-DT DBC Substrate Test Handler

PM52-DT DBC Substrate Test Handler

PM52-DT offers a complete test solution that is designed for any types of DBC substrates. 

It performs high voltage, current and power tests while placing the DBCs under extreme temperatures test their reliability and performance ensuring they’re up to stringent requirements.

  • UPH: Up to 600 (Cycle Time: 6 secs)
  • Unit Traceability through 2DBC
  • Elevated Temperature test from 25°C to 175°C
  • Integrate-able with any 3rd party test systems
  • Custom designed for multiple AC/DC stations
  • Highly customizable to your needs & requirements
Product Specification
Input/ Output OptionSlot Magazine
UPHUp to 600 (Cycle Time: 6 seconds)
Test CapabilitiesHigh Voltage/Power Test
  • Max Voltage: 2000V, Max Current: 150A, >50Amps Pulse (100ms)

Ambient/Hot Temperature Test
  • Ranging from 25°C to 175°C
Temperature Control & FeaturesTemperature Range
  • 25°C to 175°C

Temperature Rise Time
  • Approximately 15 minutes (Based on room temp to 175°C)

Temperature Accuracy
  • +/-2°C at test sites
  • +/-3°C at soak chamber

Soak Time
  • >90s based on end user requirement