Proximity Sensor Test Handler

Proximity Sensor Tester

It is a high performance tester designed to test the performance of proximity sensors. Using Advance Optical Chambers which is configurable for different distance from 0 to 50mm, it is capable of performing a wide spectrum of tests. It also offers an option for Tri-Temperature testing which ranges from 5°C~80°C.

  • Up to 32 test sites
  • Customizable Inspection Setting Input
  • Integrated with Optical Chambers Configurable for different distance from 0 to 50mm
  • Capable of performing Tri-Temperature tests (from 5°C~80°C) [Optional]
  • One Time Password & Firmware Programming Capabilities
Product Specification
Input/ Output Option JEDEC Tray
Sprint UPH >1,500 (depending on packages & machine configuration)
Contact Mechanism Punch Type
Vision Capabilities Mark, Orientation, 2D Matrix Inspection, Track Vision Mapping
Test Site Up to 4 sites
Up to 32 sites based on customized layout
Test Capabilities Light Current Voltage (LIV) Sweep Test
Wavelength Test
Far Field Test
Proximity Sensing Test
Light Leakage Test
Cross Talk & Optical Measurement Test
Temperature Test (Ambient, Hot, Cold)
Temperature Ranges 5°C ~ 80°C
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