Optimize your warehouse storage capacity and operation efficiency with Pentamaster’s SCOOT-CAR

Optimize your warehouse storage capacity and operation efficiency with Pentamaster’s SCOOT-CAR

Penang, Malaysia (October 2022) – Pentamaster, ambitioned to become the leading pioneer in providing customized automation solutions to the world is delighted to present our high-density Pallet-based ASRS system, SCOOT-CAR that is designed to buffer, store and retrieve products and inventories on demand at any given time.

Days of manual warehouse operations are numbered especially when businesses continue to expand bigger and bigger, it becomes more competitive and complex to handle without automation. Be it manual tracking through spreadsheets which causes misplaced inventories, picking errors or excessive walk & search time for SKUs that wastes a lot of precious time, it elevates the importance more than ever to consider implementing automation into your warehouse.

With Pentamaster’s SCOOT-CAR, it gives your warehouse a massive makeover by automating the entire picking & storing process, bringing the goods to your workers instead of them needing to walk for miles to get the goods. What this means is that SCOOT-CAR allows two-thirds of manual picking labours to be reassigned to other non-picking tasks without a loss in throughput. The high travelling speed of SCOOT-CAR in both picking and storing goods has enable faster order fulfilment to keep up with the ever-increasing on-going demand from your customers.

Your warehouse storage capacity as well as floor space will be fully maximized and utilized, allowing you to store more when compared to conventional shelving. This in return saves you up to 40% of floor space while providing a fast, easy and ergonomic access to your goods at all times.

A productive focus-oriented warehouse wouldn’t be complete without a smart warehouse management system. SPACE, our warehouse management system is designed to facilitate and organize the entire inventory processes in a manner that no manual system could compete against by introducing a paperless workflow for more efficient tracking over every single SKU.

Contact us today to know more about how SCOOT-CAR will help elevate your business to greater heights, storing more for less costs with smart utilization of floor space.