One-Stop Assembly, AOI & Test Solutions for High Power-Module Manufacturers

Penang, Malaysia (October 2022) – Pentamaster, ambitions to become the world’s leading pioneer in providing state-of-the-art automated test & assembly equipment for semiconductors is pleased to introduce our end-to-end solutions for Intelligent Power Modules, SiC and GaN-based power devices.

Our solutions are vast which cover nearly every manufacturing process and aspect of power modules ranging from wafer inspection, product assembly, burn-in & test, vision inspection to final test and final AOI. Be it plastic case or molded type power modules, our solutions can be custom designed and configured to meet specific needs of any high-power module manufacturers.

Our wafer inspection solution provides high-speed inspection with advanced inspection algorithms that requires only 2 minutes to fully inspect an entire wafer consisting of 70,000 dies. With cutting-edge microscope that supports both bright & dark field technology paired with high-quality objective lens, it is able to inspect various types and sizes of dies at different magnifications. Featuring multiple handling mechanisms, it supports both raw and mylar wafer ring ranging from 6-inch, 8-inch to 12-inch. Our handler is fully able to operate in both clean room and production floors depending on different requirements and needs. 

We also cover a broad range of processes for product assembling such as laser marking for tracking & traceability, DBC substrate segregation, pin insertion processing thru-hole or press-fit, trim & form singulation, ultrasonic welding and more which can be customized depending on requirements. 

Through our proprietary technology for wafer/module-level burn-in & tests, we detect and screen out early life failures by applying high voltage/current and thermal stress to device under test (DUT) for a set period of time. They are fully capable of working with multiple test parallelism under wafer form or modules-tray-to-tray form, supporting multiple independent driver channels for simultaneous voltage/current measurement, user definable burn-in profile as well as temperature monitoring. 

With state-of-the-art vision imaging technology, our goal is to help manufacturers in the back-end semiconductor sector move closer to zero-defect productions by maximizing production throughput and yield. We achieve that by inspecting and detecting all sorts of defects of the devices ensuring that only the good ones continue further down the production line before implementing them into real world usage. Inspections include 5-sided inspection, 3D BGA, 2D/3D Coplanarity, 2D Matrix, Mark, Lead, Package, Post-Seal, 2D Pin Position, 3D Pin Height Inspection and more.

As a test solutions provider, we know that different types of power modules require a lot of different tests and have a diverse but well-established technical demand to detect failures and failure mechanisms. Hence, we developed our final test solution that provides manufacturers with all the necessary tests for these high-power devices in parallel at the fastest possible throughput rates, using test-specific resources. 

At Pentamaster, our goal is to simplify the entire production operation flow by offering our customers one-stop solutions that can be customized specifically for their own product & needs which may be different from others. 

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