MES – The Digital Transformation to accelerate your manufacturing processes.

Penang, Malaysia (August 2022) – Pentamaster, a leading global solutions provider for smart automation and digitalization is pleased to introduce our own Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that monitors & controls the manufacturing processes of factory floors while offering real time visibility and tracking over every single process. 

As manufacturing continues to expand & grow, it is becoming more competitive and complex which demands for a centralized monitoring system that keeps track of all manufacturing information in real-time, receiving up-to-the-minute data from robots, machine monitors and employees while also providing real-time traceability. The implementation of manufacturing execution system (MES) has become an essential as it provides visibility to any processes as well as the underlying data to obtain control and optimize their production efficiency.

Pentamaster’s Manufacturing Execution System is an automated computerized system which monitors & controls the entire manufacturing processes of any factory floors while offering real time visibility and tracking over every process. It introduces a paperless work flow by serving as a main gateway to all connected machines, information and production data which means filing, storing, and time spent tracking down paperwork is no longer a factor in time and expense among offices. With every single data collected and store automatically into the cloud, it provides the top managements full transparency, total control and big data analysis, resulting in higher yield, outcomes and results. 

With Pentamaster’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES), you can be rest assured that all your products in your production line maintained their level of quality, reducing the chances of human or machine errors while saving both cost and time. 

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