Flexible, Fast & Customizable: Pentamaster’s Turnkey Automation Solution for bottle & can filling operations

Penang, Malaysia (April, 2023) – At Pentamaster, our goal has always been to empower the manufacturer from different sectors to meet their increasing production demands through smart automation & digitalization. Today, we are pleased to introduce our latest turnkey automation solution for bottle & can filling operations. Our solution covers nearly every aspect & process from depalletizing, cleaning, filling, capping to palletizing and can be customized to accommodate different types of SKUs depending on your unique requirements.

Automation is no longer an option in this era of business especially in the food & beverage industry where demands are constantly spiking. To stay on par or ahead of the competition, manufacturers are now required more than ever to integrate automated machines into their production floors to ramp up their entire operations.

Liquid filling machines as an example now play a crucial role in the production operations for both bottles and cans. Pentamaster’s automated production line is a set of tailor-made equipment/machines and systems interconnected together into a single line for bottles and cans filling operations. We support a wide array of bottles as well as cans in different sizes and materials from start to finish. Our production lines are also highly flexible allowing for quick & simple changeover from one product to another in just a single line. With this simplicity of conversion built-in, we are able to help minimize downtime between product runs significantly while maximizing the output of the entire operation as a whole.

We’re also delighted to announce that our solutions comply with Industrial 4.0 Revolution. With i-MEX, our Manufacturing Execution System, you will obtain paperless workflow operations that are monitored and controlled at all times while providing you full visibility and traceability at real time anywhere.

Interested to know more? Reach out to us as we stand ready to offer our solutions and services to help bring your business to greater heights.