Trooper-BI enables new advanced test and burn-in capabilities for silicon carbide power semiconductors

Penang, Malaysia (January 2023) – As a global one-stop solutions provider for semiconductor production test and reliability qualification, Pentamaster is proud to announce the release of our next generation Trooper-BI series which enables new advanced test and burn-in capabilities for silicon carbide (SiC) power devices at wafer level.

The transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EV) in the automotive industry is pressuring silicon carbide manufacturers to manufacture more devices at a faster pace while retaining both quality and reliability. 

Pentamaster’s Trooper-BI offers the solution to ensuring all newly manufactured power devices are automotive graded to meet automation needs which are critical to their scalability as well as quality and reliability goals. It performs functional test and burn-in of devices such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride power semiconductors in wafer form before they are assembled into single or multi-die stacked packages. Our test handler allows you to test 2 wafers concurrently containing 720 dies per wafer and is configurable for SiC gate, drain, and body-diode stress tests. Besides burn-in test, which stabilizes the extrinsic failure rate, Trooper-BI also provides stress tests like positive gate stress (HTGB+), negative gate stress (HTGB-), drain test (HTRB) as well as body-diode stress, it allows you to achieve the required automotive and industrial quality levels. 

As a company that never stays complacent, we’re constantly advancing ourselves as well as our technologies to ensure that we are always on the forefront to provide our customers the optimum solutions for their specific needs. 

Trooper-BI series will be available in 2 variants: stand-alone or a fully integrated-line depending on your needs & requirements. Both variants will be integrated with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), allowing for a fully automated experience which covers wafer handling and transferring all the way to burn-in test. These vehicles are designed with EFEMs to replace humans in handling and transferring the wafers from the magazines to and from the burn-in chambers. In other words, your entire operation is now able to continue operating with consistent throughput without operators. Besides, our in-line designs are fully scalable and customizable to fit your production floor space, be it in a straight line or a u-shape design, we got you covered. 


  • Space Efficient with a smaller overall machine footprint design (stand-alone).
  • Eliminate the reliance on manual intervention for wafer loading/handling/transferring. 
  • 24/7 Operational.
  • Higher production output with consistent results.
  • Fully flexible, scalable and customizable to different needs & requirements (in-line).

Intrigued to know more about how Trooper-BI latest series can help save space, reduce overall cost of tests while maximizing production output in a manner no manual system could compete against? 

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