Scaling Productions Beyond In-House Limitations: Pentamaster’s Smart Contract Manufacturing Solution

Penang, Malaysia (October, 2023) – Pentamaster, a global solutions provider for smart automation and digitalization is proud to introduce our Smart Contract Manufacturing Services for the manufacturing industries covering full-scale production, partial parts production as well as equipment rental. 

These days, most manufacturers are looking to outsource their product’s manufacturing to save production cost, labor cost and factory space while obtaining higher outputs with superior quality standards. In doing so, they leverage on the contract manufacturer’s expertise and equipment to manufacture their products at a scale that would be impossible in-house. 

At Pentamaster, we provide turnkey repetitive equipment manufacturing services for both simple and complex machines to help manufacture products of any kind in large quantities without compromising quality. From design and supply chain management to assembly, testing, factory acceptance tests, and shipment, as well as site acceptance tests, all aspects will be handled internally by our team of seasoned experts with extensive experience, skills, and expertise. Throughout the years, we have amassed a proven and solid track record of assisting customers across diverse industries in ramping up production to meet the growing demands of their markets while ensuring the quality of their products. 

Our services encompass the following criteria: 

  • Built to Print
  • Built to Reference 
  • Design Quality Check 
  • In-House Fabrication and Plating
  • Providing Strong Technical Team
  • Supply Chain Sourcing 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Site Commissioning 
  • After Sales Service 

Why Choose Us?

  • Advanced automated robotics solution for all industry product manufacturing
  • Higher throughput, better yield and less operators
  • Inventory tracking and warehouse management system
  • IoT solution that allow to monitor the production status, equipment OEE, reporting, and etc.
  • Turnkey solution that allow tailor-made and customization

In summary, contract manufacturing stands as an essential strategy for modern businesses aiming to thrive in today’s highly competitive global market. It grants you the ability to center your efforts on core competencies, minimize production costs, and bring superior products to the market with increased efficiency, solidifying your competitive edge.

Contact us if you would like to know more about what we have to offer.