PM52X-KGD: Redefining Excellence in Known-Good-Die testing.

Penang, Malaysia (April, 2024) – Pentamaster is proud to introduce PM52X-KGD, our all-in-one solution for known-good-die (KGD) testing. Our solution plays a vital role in the semiconductor manufacturing industry by ensuring that each individual die is thoroughly tested to meet stringent performance and reliability standards before being assembled into packages. 

As market demand rises for integrating multiple dies into a single package, particularly in high-performance automotive applications and beyond, it is essential to thoroughly test each individual die both before and after assembly. This will help in eliminating the need for rework, achieving high yields, and lowering costs.

Our PM52X-KGD addresses these increasing market needs with a comprehensive solution tailored for bare dies in wafer form. This solution encompasses automated handling, thorough electrical parametric testing, and advanced vision inspection systems. It features a hybrid design that combines both pick & place gantry and turret base systems into one, optimizing output efficiency effectively. Integrated with a diverse array of testers, capable of accommodating up to 4 testers, we provide a comprehensive suite of electrical parametric tests to meet both static and dynamic testing needs. Our state-of-the-art vision alignment system guarantees precise probe point alignment, meeting even the most stringent pitch standards, and conducts comprehensive 6-sided inspections for cosmetic imperfections. Integrated with high-power active thermal control system, PM52X-KGD can seamlessly adjust to real-time temperature fluctuations across a wide operational range on the die’s surface, from 25˚C to 175˚C.

With PM52X-KGD, you can be assured of significant cost savings, increased yield, and enhanced reliability for real-world applications in your products. 

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