Automated Reel Packer – Pentamaster’s packaging solution to the semiconductor industry

Automated Reel Packer – Pentamaster’s packaging solution to the semiconductor industry

Penang, Malaysia (January, 2022) – Pentamaster, a global provider for smart automation and digitalization solutions, today introduces our Automated Reel Packaging Handler, a compact and fully automated packaging machine which is more space efficient than current available solutions, while also delivering trans-formational added values to the back-end semiconductor industries.

Tape and reel technology is one of the most common means of processing, handling, storing and transporting precision surface-mounted electronic components. It saves time, space, energy and materials while providing safety and stability for electronic devices. For safe storage and transportation, carrier tape is wind around a standard reel and enclose inside a box (pizza box).

At Pentamaster, we know that product packaging requires the assistance of automation to help insure that the delivery of your products over to end-users will be top notch in quality and efficiency. With our extensive expertise in designing and tool fabricating, we have developed an automated packaging reel handler that feature excellent flexibility and maximized performance in a highly compact structure that can fully tailor to your application.

PM297 Automated Reel Packer

A space-savvy & compact design packaging handler that is fully capable of working with a wide range of designated reel sizes and formats. Fully equip with high precision automated mechanism allows for high speed & quality packing of reels with precise folding of cardboard boxes. Our standard configuration allows for up to 30 stackable reels and 60 stacked flat boxes on the input side and up to 25 boxes packed with the reel for the output side.

  • Boxes Per Hour: > 250 Boxes
  • Precise & Rigid-Built Folding Mechanism
  • User-Friendly Software Teaching
  • High Accuracy & Quality Label Placement
  • Automated Label Application Feature (Optional)

Our success has been driven by the care given to product handling, the flexibility we have to address customer specific requirements and the attention to our customer support.

At Pentamaster, we stand ready to help you with your packaging needs.

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