PM57-MS Motion Sensor Test Handler

Gyro Motion Sensor

A full turnkey solution designed to solve the complex test of MEMS motion sensors. It uses both a flexible flipper & rotator to simulate real life motion sensing test onto the sensors ensuring that they are up to the stringent requirements. The tester offers soft handling capability to prevent your packages from getting damage.

  • RFID Smart Bins
  • High Parallelism Test
  • Gyro & Accelerometer Test
  • Linear Pick & Place
  • Soft Handling to Eliminate Damage to Dedicate MEMS unit
Product Specification
Input Options Vibrator Bowl, JEDEC Tray, Plastic Tube Stacker
Output Options Tape & Reel, Canister Bins, Plastic Tube Stacker
Package Type MEMS Motion Sensor
UPH >7,000 @10secs test time (depending on package & machine configuration)
Vision Capabilities Device Orientation
Test Capabilities Inner Axis & Twist Axis Test
Maximum Speed -500°/ seconds
Speed Accuracy +/-0.1%
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