PM52X-DLT Die-Level Test Handler

PM52X-DLT Die-Level Test Handler

It offers an all-in-one solution for high volume single or multi-site bare die testing, supporting various types of bare dies for multiple applications.

  • Wafer Ring & Waffle Pack Input & Output Configurations
  • All-in-One Test, Vision & Handling Solution
  • Complete Test Coverage of DC, AC and UIS
    (Up to 4 tester accommodations)
  • High-Pressure Electrical Arcing Suppression Control
  • Built-in High Powered Active Thermal Control System
Product Specification
Input Options Waffler Pack, Wafer Ring, De-Taper
Output Options Waffler Tray, Wafer Reconstruction, Tape & Reel
Package Type Bare Die
Sprint UPH >1700
Test Capabilities AC Test, DC Test, UIS Test at ambient to hot temperature
Vision Capabilities Top Inspection

(Surface Cosmetic, DUT Dimension, 2D Lead)
Bottom Inspection

(Surface Cosmetic, Pad Dimension, Pad Cosmetic)
Probe Positioning
In-Pocket Inspection

(Device Presence/Absence, Device Orientation)