PM51-OPR Optics Component Reconstruct

Optics Component Reconstruct

A pick & place platform handler designed to fully automate the process of reconstructing optics components onto any customized carrier in specified positions with high precision & accuracy. Input configurations can be in Glass Carriers or JEDEC Trays along with any customized carrier output.

  • Map File Integration Capability
  • High Precision & Accuracy Precision Positioning
  • User Friendly & Intuitive Interface
  • Uniform Results
Product Specification
Vision Capabilities Optical Alignment
Dimension Inspection
Top Vision Accuracy 6μm
Bottom Vision Accuracy 6μm
Motor Theta Axis Accuracy 3μm (Bar to Tool)
5μm (Tool to Tool)
Gantry XY with accuracy 2.5μm after error mapping 3μm (Bar to Tool)
4μm (Tool to Tool)
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