Hygiene Washer

Hygiene Washer

In a survey conducted by World Health Organisation (WHO), in 55 hospitals of 14 countries has shown that 8.7% of the hospital patients were infected by Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). HAIs is defined as an infection acquired in hospital by a patient who was admitted for a reason other than that infection, and is occasionally lethal.

The transmission of nosocomial infection is due to common vehicle transmission when medical aids such as Wheelchair, Commode Chair and Walking Frame which are commonly shared by patients in the wards.

Pentamaster Hygiene Washer is effective and capable of washing and decontaminating the used Wheelchair, Commode Chair and Walking Frame to deter advancement of the epidemic.

Machine Features

  • 100% Drained Off without leaving behind washed or contaminated water for the new cycle of washing.
  • Washes wheelchair, walking frame & commode chair.
  • Auto self cleaning after each cycle to deter cross contamination.
  • Washing position options : Tilted or Upright.
  • Efficient Water Management with only 20 Liters per cycle wash.
  • Rotating spray arms for effective washing.
  • Washing is programmed into 3 cycles :
    1. Prewashing : To pre-soak and wash off dirts.
    2. Wash : Rinse to wash off dirts.
    3. Sterilize Rinse : To rinse with sterilize detergent.
Product Specification
Wash Cycles Default Time Quantity of Water
Prewash (Press and Hold START for 3 seconds) 9mins 18L-20L
Wash 9mins 18L-20L
Sterilize Rinse 11mins 18L-20L
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