90 Degree Belt Transfer

90 Degree Belt Transfer

This component of the Intelligent Conveyor System is a combo of Roller and 90° Belt Transfer that enables 90 degree switch of quick and effective diversion.


  • One Directions
  • Bi-Directions


  • Attachment concept onto Pentamaster standard roller conveyor frame – flexible and easy installation.
  • Bi-directional unit transfer right and left on command.
  • Simple design, no high-wear point.
  • Low power consumption (24V DC), providing maximum controls capabilities and dependability.


Product Specification
Standard Style Unit (mm)
Conveyors Model SU00
Drive Mode Motorized Roller
Overall Frame Width (Between Frame) 624(560) Other customized solutions are available
14 (850)
Max. width of product recommended 580 Other customized solutions are available
Mounting Method of Roller Screw type
Turning Speed 1200 UPH Other customized solutions are available
Turning Degree (°) 90
Load Capacity (Max.) 50kg
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